Jewellery is the most transformative thing
you can wear.
— Iris Apfel


Jewellery Designer and Silversmith Kate Wilson believes no outfit is complete without a stunning piece (or 10!) of jewellery. Melbourne based, Alouette evolved 10 years ago from a desire to hand make personalised gifts for those close to her. 

The real joy in making a piece of jewellery from scratch is knowing that the piece will hold a significant personal place in the owners heart. Alouette works together with the client to ensure that the message of the gift shines through the jewellery. Whether it be a gift for a Mother, daughter, husband, best friend, child or special occasion, each piece is given its own individuality. This can be achieved by adding names, dates, meaningful quotes, favourite colours and stones to the piece. 

Kate's mantra is that "anything is possible" when collaborating with the customer to make the perfect piece that speaks to them and to their loved one. Alouette is honoured to be entrusted to make these very personal, special jewellery for all occasions.